In 2009, Caleb Cooper decided to grow 2 datil pepper plants in his backyard in St. Augustine, Florida. Strictly using Organic soil inoculant, black sea kelp, and worm castings, he fell in love with the plant and the abundance of beautiful, shiny peppers it produced. He went to a friend and chef, to see if they could make datil sauce with all the peppers he had collected. They concocted the first batch of A Frame sauce. They were tired of the same ol’ ketchup based datil pepper sauce that was in stores and restaurants and wanted to create something different. The combination of red, orange, and yellow bell peppers along with apple cider vinegar, organic datils, and a dab of genius produced something that had their friends and family asking for more every time they made it. They had created something truly unique in a town full of datil sauces. Thrilled with the results and positive feedback, the decision was made to expand the datil pepper production beyond the backyard.

The next year, Caleb took the seeds from those peppers and planted them along with Scott Herlihy who lived at the farm in Elkton where eventually they had over 250 plants to maintain. They found a way to produce a few hundred pounds of Organic peppers and were ready to launch a large scale batch of the sauce. First, they had to design a label. Using the outline sketch of a wave painting done by Yolanda from Las Salinas, Nicaragua, we’ve created an attractive label that is unique as well. Now available online or in restaurants and retail stores throughout Florida.

Thanks to all of our friends and family who encouraged us to continue our pursuit of producing the best datil pepper sauce in the world!